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Hormone Health for Women

Finally... Get Your Hormones On Track


4-Month Virtual Medical Group Visit Program

Are you ready to once and for all be in control of your hormone health? Do you feel like you've tried everything - spent the time, effort, and money - and nothing has really worked? We get it. This program is for you if you're tired of all the confusion and run around... and you just want to get your hormones healthy so you can focus on other things in life!


HEALING IN COMMUNITY | Hormone Health for Women


During this 4-month virtual program, February - June 2024, you will not only be rebalancing your hormones and regulating your cycle, you will also be boosting your energy, reducing your stress, and improving your mood. Sounds too good to be true? Believe it or not, these are all aspects of your health and well-being directly impacted by hormones - which means once your hormones are in balance, these areas improve too! A win, win, win scenario.

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Emergence Health founder and board-certified Adult Primary Care & Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner, Leah Geoghegan, personally leads each virtual medical group visit, along with the support of of her team.  Jump to Leah’s hormone success stories and testimonials by clicking here.”

Enrollment is open today, with limited space for 8 women - act now to reserve your spot! The first step is to book a free consult with Leah by clicking the button below to see if this virtual program is a good fit for your needs. 

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Why Virtual Medical Group Visits?


In recent years, those who are in the know for holistic health and healing have been discovering the unique power of medical group visits. At EH, these are small, carefully curated programs of 8 participants, who are all working together towards the same goal of, in this case, healing their hormones. So you're not alone anymore and instead working alongside trusted women who can deeply relate to your journey! 

Contrary to common belief that private care is always better, studies have shown that medical group visits have high patient satisfaction and help people achieve their health outcomes with more consistency than 1:1 care. With medical group visits, you get a rare combination of in-depth education, communal support, and quality medical care. These medical group visit benefits enhance your experience, increase treatment compliance, and help you see results!


One of the biggest benefits of medical group visits is the cost savings and amount of face-time spent with an expert provider. With our program, you receive 11 hours of time with Leah over the course of 7 medical group visits - this is more than any other patient program available, and the price of the medical group visits program is about 1/3 the price of private visits.

If you're ready to take the next step, book a free consult with Leah by clicking the button below to see if this virtual program is the right fit for your needs. 

Is This Virtual Program Really for Me?


  • You suffer from three or more of these symptoms: 

    • hormone imbalance

    • infertility

    • mood swings, irritability 

    • unexplained weight gain

    • irregular, heavy, or painful periods

    • fatigue, insomnia, or poor sleep quality 

    • skin problems like itchiness, dryness or acne 

    • low libido

    • headaches 

  • No Lasting Success... Yet: you’ve struggled through countless treatments and consults to regulate your hormones without lasting success.

  • Faster Path to Healing: you're frustrated with the solo journey of self-teaching and research. In community, we go farther and faster together due to peer accountability and learning from each other's experiences. 

  • Understand Your Body Better: you have a deep desire to understand how your body works and what it needs to function optimally. You are sick of being given generic treatments and protocols that are not personalized to your wants/needs.

  • Ready to Commit: You’re motivated to invest the time and effort to make real, positive changes in your wellness routine.

If you can relate to at least some of the items listed above, this program may be for you. Don't miss this chance to be one of only 8 women who are part of this journey towards hormone health! 



  • Dive Deep with the DUTCH Plus Test: our program at EH is the only one of its kind to include comprehensive testing with the DUTCH Plus, a functional medicine test that assesses how your body both makes and breaks down your sex and stress hormones. We also provide both a recorded expert analysis of your results and a personalized treatment plan designed by Leah.

  • Personal Questions Answered: by keeping the virtual medical group to the small number of 8, there is time to address your specific questions and goals as well. 

  • Digital Freedom and Efficiencythis program is held virtually over Zoom so you have the ability to participate from anywhere.  

  • Privacy Sensitive: we get it - you want to be open, but not totally open. Confidentiality is one of the first questions we get and we understand protecting your privacy is important. We have a HIPAA compliant privacy policy in place for all participants that ensures what is shared in the group stays in the group.  

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If you're ready to take the next step, book a free consult with Leah by clicking the button below to see if this virtual program is the right fit for your needs. 

Advanced Care
70% Savigs

 A 70% Savings:
Medical Group Visits vs. Private Visits


Have you wanted to try a functional medicine approach but feel like it's out of your budget range? Well, we hear you and we're here to support you! This virtual medical group visit program allows you access to functional medicine care at about 1/3 the price of a private visit. No other program offers as high a value of service, quality and care. 

*Please note: for the purpose of this value comparison chart, we are showcasing the cost of a 90-minute virtual medical group visit ($200) vs. the cost of a 60-minute virtual private visit ($600). This is because the nature of a medical group visit vs. a private visit is not apples to apples, and this is a more fair value comparison.

If you're ready to take the next step, book a free consult with Leah by clicking the button below to see if this virtual program is the right fit for your needs. 

Program Details & Pricing

Visit #1: Tuesday, February 20, 12PM – 1:30PM EST
Visit #2: Tuesday, March 5, 12PM – 1:30PM EST 
Visit #3: Tuesday, March 19, 12PM – 1:30PM EST
Visit #4: Tuesday, April 23, 12PM – 1:30PM EST


Two Payment Options: 

  1. Full Payment: one-time payment of $2,250 (best value). 

  2. Payment Plan: three separate payments, that total $2,350:

    • 1st payment before group visit #1: $1,200

    • 2nd payment before group visit #3: $750

    • 3rd payment before group visit #5: $400 


*additional taxes and fees apply to all payments 

Visit #5: Tuesday, May 7, 12PM – 1:30PM EST
Visit #6: Tuesday, May 21, 12PM – 1:30PM EST
Visit #7: Tuesday, June 4, 12PM – 1:30PM EST


The Emergence Health office does not accept insurance at this time and is considered “out-of-network” with all health insurance plans. You can, however, use out-of-network benefits through your insurance to get, on average, 40-70% of medical group visit costs reimbursed. We make submitting out-of-network superbills to your insurance for reimbursement easy through our partner, Reimbursify. Many patients also use FSA or HSA plans for Emergence Health payments and ordering supplements.


  • Virtual Medical Group Visits: Seven (7) 90-minute virtual medical group visits via Zoom.

  • Community Support via Slack: between visits, EH medical team and your fellow group members use a private Slack group to ask questions, share, give and ask for support.

  • Curated Content Library: 1-year access to our exclusive database of handouts and resources all about hormone health.

  • Natural Cycles 6-month Subscription: the only FDA-cleared app for non-hormonal birth control and natural family planning, used for learning and tracking your cycle.

  • 1 Basal Body Thermometer: used in conjunction with Natural Cycles for tracking your cycle.

  • 1 DUTCH Plus Test: a comprehensive advanced hormone test that offers an extensive assessment of how your body makes and breaks down your sex and adrenal hormones. It also assesses your Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) and organic acid testing to understand how your body uses key vitamins, antioxidants, and neurotransmitters essential for optimal health.

  • Expert Interpretation: a video recording of Leah reviewing your advanced hormone testing results for you to keep.

  • Personalized Treatment Plan: designed by Leah specifically around YOUR preferences and body. 

  • 15% Off Professional Grade Supplements: through our online dispensary, Fullscript.

  • Access to Reimbursify: our partner company that makes submitting superbills to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement easy and effective.


This virtual program is in high demand and we don't know when we will be running it again. There are only 8 spaces and enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis... Act now to not miss out! The first step is to book a free consult by clicking the button below. 

We're honored to offer you support and guidance on your journey towards your healthiest self. If you have any questions about this virtual medical group visit program, please email:

If you're ready to take the next step, book a free consult with Leah by clicking the button below to see if this virtual program is the right fit for your needs. 

Hormone Success Stories

Leah's Hormone Success Stories & More!

Leah Desk Note Taking_orignal.png

Setting You Up For Success

"Leah is absolutely amazing and I recommend her to anyone looking to balance their hormones and be the healthiest version of themselves. I came to Leah over a year ago with the goal of balancing my hormones as I was getting off of birth control and hoping to set myself up for success when it came to fertility. She is so warm and calmed me of all my concerns as we began to work together. Over the next year my health improved significantly and I felt like a completely new person. She was always there for me throughout the entire journey and I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me. Once again, I 10 out of 10 recommend."

Hormone Healing Is Possible


​"Since working with Leah, my hormones have been balanced (regular period for the first time in over 10 years!), blood work is all in range, now just fine tuning and working toward optimization."

Convenience & Healthy Results

"I used to have pain and issues with my monthly cycles. I also used to have afternoon fatigue. After doing a 3 month protocol to rebalance my hormones I feel so much better during my cycle and I have all day energy...I appreciated how easy and how comfortable the whole process was. Getting to meet virtually was extremely convenient."


Always Going the Extra Mile

"Leah of Emergence Health is a highly knowledgeable, highly caring, and highly available care nurse practitioner - functional medicine provider. I appreciate the depth of her history taking and willingness to go beyond the traditional medicine approaches to health to find appropriate diagnostic testing and non-pharmaceutical treatments to evaluate and treat my chronic health conditions including IBS, where others have just thrown pharmaceuticals at my issues for decades. I feel so fortunate to have found Leah!"


Finally, Solutions to Problems

"You will not find another professional that will go above and beyond for you as much as Leah does. I would recommend Leah to anyone, but especially people who feel they have not been heard by previous providers. Or people who have "tried everything" and still don't have answers. Leah will work with you to leave no stone unturned."


Using Data Driven Treatments

"I feel like I have someone in my corner who is really looking at the specific details and trying to tackle what lies beneath the surface issue. We make adjustments based on specific data."


If you're ready to take the next step, book a free consult with Leah by clicking the button below to see if this virtual program is the right fit for your needs. 




Virtual (Telehealth)

Home Care visits upon request (location dependent)

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